WSL2 NVIDIA Docker Error

There are plenty of tutorials online teaching you how to set up CUDA containers in WSL2. However, I encountered a very weird error which was completely undocumented on the web. I forgot the exact context but the error contains something like:

OMP: System error #13: Permission denied "OMP: Error #178"
OMP: Error #178: Function Can't open SHM2 failed

After struggling for hours searching on both Google and Baidu, I looked into the source code (by searching for Can't open SHM2 inside OMP's repo) and realized that it was caused by shared memory (shm) permission issues. After changing the docker run argument --ipc=host tp --shm-size=1g (erm, which was recommended by NVIDIA here), the issue was resolved. I have quoted the paragrpah below, apparently this option is not compulsory:

By default, Docker containers are allotted 64MB of shared memory. This can be insufficient, particularly when using all 8 GPUs. To increase the shared memory limit to a specified size, for example 1GB, include the --shm-size=1g flag in your docker run command. Alternatively, you can specify the --ipc=host flag to re-use the host’s shared memory space inside the container. Though this latter approach has security implications as any data in shared memory buffers could be visible to other containers.