Singapore Restaurants


  • Burger and Lobster
  • Paddy Hills: Black riceeee <3 but their r closed, sad. Anyways black rice was a limited time thing.
  • Atlas: For vibes, don't get kicked out by wearing casual. Shorts are considered casual, they don't give face one >.<
  • Halcyon & Crane: So nice, sooooooo nice
  • Potato Heads: Interesting drinks


  • Man Man Unagi: dunno why it is so expensive... I didn't gain superpower after eating their unagi, maybe I am a caveman who cannot appreciate their authentic wasabi
  • Da Shi Jia Prawn Noodle: Used to be good, don't know if they changed chef or something? But still decent
  • 63Celsius: Depends on the dish, had moonlight hor fun and iberico char siew rice last time which were amazing.
  • Frapas: Was good, last time had 50% off on Chope. If full price then nevermind I guess haha.


  • Lukes Lobster: Not fresh
  • Neon Pigeon: Dishes sort of overpriced and small portion, drinks have fancy names but doesn't taste or look fantastic. Hummus is good though, why not just turn into a hummus store, I will eat that every morning.