I love RISC-V. Maybe cuz I worked on it for a long time during my internship at Huawei and I sort of know the instruction set inside out. I want to make a board using the ESP32-C3, cuz its cheap.


Minimal Board Setup

Digital Power

  • Use recommended cap values

Analog Power Supply

  • Use recommended LC filter and caps

Power-on sequence

  • Use RC delay / latch circuit to delay power-on after 3.3V has stabilised

Clock Crystal

  • 10ppm and 40MHz
  • Capacitor values:

RF Circuit

  • pi-matching is ideal but not compulsory, its just a lower gain mate

Strapping Bins (i.e. boot config)

  • GPIO 2, 8, 9
  • just do pull-up or pull-down resistors and jumper wire


Using CDC USB for serial console and programming means you can save the space of a CH340g. Just set your serial console output in ESP-IDF to CDC USB